Vacuum Pumps Oil Diffusion Pumps

For the high vacuum range using the oil diffusion technique. Oil diffusion
pumps must be combined with a backing pump.
The fore vacuum must not exceed 0.1 mbar.
We also offers complete oil diffusion pump systems.

Special characteristic:
- high pumping speed, the ultimate pressure is reached very quickly due to the
optimised design
- min. ultimate pressure (with silicone oil XT 704) 5 x 10^-7 mbar
- oil vapour back flow at 10^-4 mbar 2 x 10^-4 mg x cm^-2 x min^-1
- low cooling water consumption, cooling water connection with hose nozzles 2x
DN 10
- type PDM with manual valve operation
- type PDP with pneumatic valve operation

Ranges of applications:
The oil diffusion pumps are ideal for numerous applications in research and
Low back streaming ensure clean pumping.

Scope of delivery:
All oil diffusion pumps are complete pump systems including a high vacuum
valve, a baffle, a backing valve and a roughing valve.
A mains connection cable is not available. The oil diffusion pumps must be
installed by an electrician.

Products Ultimate pressure
Pumping speed at the 10^-3 to 10^-5 mbar
Dimensions (W/D/H)
Order No.
Oil Diffusion Pump
PDM 63
230V 50/60Hz
5x10^-7 110,0 220/115/370 8 400010
Oil Diffusion Pump
PDM 100
230V 50/60Hz
5x10^-7 210,0 300/260/450 11.8 400011
Oil Diffusion Pump
PDP 63
230V 50Hz
5x10^-7 110,0 220/115/370 9 400012
Oil Diffusion Pump
PDP 100
230V 50Hz
5x10^-7 210,0 300/260/450 14,5 400013

 Other voltages on request. Please contact us.

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